Frequently Asked Question

What Does Dripfeed Mean?

Dripfeed means the order will be delivered at a slower, controlled speed, so for example, you could choose to have youtube views dripfeed to 1000 views per day, or maybe 500 a day.

When Will My Order Start?

When our orders start depend on which version you use. They can start within an hour or within 24 hours depending on which version you pick. For most services we have estimated start times displayed on the purchase form.

Do You Have a Retail Program?

Yes, contact us if you would like to join our retail program. We have API support and better rates for retail users.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We are flexible when it comes to payments. We usually accept our payments through paypal, but we are of course willing to accept other methods, includings bitcoins, payoneer and perfect money.