Why Go For Dripfeed Youtube Views?

When people think of fake youtube views they picture bots delivering 10000s of views in just a few hours, but in actuality the majority of purchases for views are usually for smaller amounts, that are delivered slower. The views are added to the video slowly in a manner that simulates natural social media attraction/exposure. This slow increase in youtube views is what is commonly termed as “dripfeeding”, or in this case “dripfeed youtube views”.

Pros and Cons

The biggest obvious pro to dripfeeding youtube views is the authenticity of it. Views that come in slow, gradually increasing in speed, very much mimic natural social media campaigns. This can trick youtube into thinking alot of good marketing is being made for that video, so youtube gives the video a better rank in the search results. The video is now more likely to show up on the 1st page for target keywords. This trick works for other social media platforms, including instagram, facebook and twitter.

There are of course downsides to this type of tactic. With the recent youtube updates making it harder for youtube views to be boosted artificially, many service providers selling dripfeed views run into problems wereby delivery speed is far too slow, or too quick. Getting the desired dripfeed speed is more difficult than ever because of the underlying structure of producing those type of views. Then there is of course the price, dripfeed views tend to be more expensive than their normal counterparts.

How Are Dripfeed Views Made?

Dripfeed views are usually just normal views that have been set to deliver a certain quantity per specified hour. For example, if a customer places an order for 10000 views and wants it delivered as soon as possible, then that is just a normal order. If the customer then places another order for 10000 views, but wants just 1000 delivered per 24 hours, we now have a dripfeed order. This process was alot more easier and consistent few years ago, but as time has passed and youtube’s anti-bot algorithms have become more robust, it’s now common place in the market for someone to place a normal order and for it to start anywhere from 2 – 12 hours. This large fluctuation causes many issues for dripfeed orders, as dripfeeding is depending on the speed and stability of the normal orders. It means if you want to have 10000 views dripfeed at a rate of 1000 per 24 hours, there may be an extra 12 hours added, so you could get the views at a rate of 1000 per 36 hours instead. Over-deliveries are also more common in the market now. Since views can drop it’s sometimes common practice for sellers to over-deliver, meaning you pay for 1000 views they give you 2000 since 50% may drop very quickly. This does not produce a good stable increase in youtube views when you try to dripfeed such up and down views.